PArish Secretary Retires

Geraldine retirement square

After 35 years of loyal service, our beloved Parish Secretary, Geraldine Lacey, retired at the end of June 2021. She was presented with a card and a bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion on Sunday July 4th.

Brian Kealy, on behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council made the following remarks after mass on Sunday 4th July.

Today we want to thank Geraldine for her great service to the Parish for the last 35 years. As Fr Brendan says she was more than a secretary, she managed the parish. She was always loyal and steadfast in her service and dedication and built up a very positive reputation for the parish. She was known to take phone calls even when she was on holidays! For her it was a labour of love but she was also very practical in her approach.

Geraldine and Jim came to Laurel Lodge circa 1985 after having spent 3 years in Birr due to Jim’s job. She approached Fr O’Moore our first Parish Priest about a role but it wasn’t until Fr Eugene Kennedy was appointed that he found her letter and approached her. She was literally a life saver for Fr Eugene after Jim noticed that Fr Eugene didn’t look well and in fact needed a heart bypass. When a cancellation came up Geraldine took the call and didn’t give Fr Eugene the option of backing out of the operation!

Sometimes when asked by Fr Eugene to send a letter to the archbishop if he was annoyed about something Geraldine wouldn’t post it immediately knowing Fr Eugene would probably regret the tone of the letter the next morning! She was always looking out for people.

Geraldine also had her fun side. I am told when Fr Mick Cullen was doing confirmations when no bishop was available, at the last-minute Geraldine deliberately handed Fr Mick the booklet which on the last page had the image of Fr Mick with a bishop’s mitre and crozier – which he took very well when he came to it despite the intention of taking him down a notch or two! The image of course wasn’t in the booklets the congregation received!  

Geraldine knew everything about the parish and as Fr Brendan says if only he could download all she knows! She leaves a great legacy behind her!

We would like to present Geraldine with a few tokens of our thanks and affection for her great service to the parish.

We wish Geraldine a very well-deserved retirement and best wishes from the entire parish community. 

Geraldine retirement square2

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