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Security and Technical Issues

Secure Site

In order to protect our site from cyber attack, we have renamed all pages on the site. All pages begin with "https", rather than the previous "http". Any bookmark created before this change may no longer work. If this is the case, you will need to delete any previously created bookmarks, navigate to the required page and save the bookmark again.


When you visit our site for the first time on any browser, you will see a panel at the bottom of the screen asking you to make a choice in relation to cookies. While you can accept all cookies, we recommend that you click on "Cookies Settings" and choose "Strictly Necessary Cookies". There is also some further information on cookies on this pop-up screen and at this link


Please note that churchservices.tv who provide our web streaming facilities do not support Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you try to access the webcam using any version of Internet Explorer, you will get a message saying "stream unavailable". For further details (including a list of browsers supported by churchservices.tv), follow this link.

For help with any technical issues with the site, email laurellodgeparishwebmaster_at_gmail.com

Last updated 13 March 2021